NPR subscription series at the Moscow Philharmonic Society

The Moscow Philharmonic Society has started ticket sales for the 2017/2018 Concert Season. The National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia participates annually in various projects of the Philharmonic Society and also carries out its own subscriptions series under the Society's auspices. In the new season the NPR will present two subscription series at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (Nos. 16-17), the second of which includes matinee concerts for family visits with programmes addressed to the widest audience possible. In addition, the NPR annually takes part in the Philharmonic Society's assorted concert cycles at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory and the Rachmaninoff Concert Hall in the "Philharmonia-2" Complex. They include popular subscriptions series devoted to masterpieces of the world musical art, such as «Romantic Сoncerti» (No. 33, No. 97), «Great Piano Concerts» (No. 6, No. 30), «Musical Peaks» (No. 59), and others. Among the participants of these series there are the NPR's Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Vladimir Spivakov, the "Novaya Opera" Chief Conductor Jan Latham-Koenig, Chinese maestro Li Biao, young conductors (including the NPR's trainee group members) rapidly gaining popularity and professional repute – Stanislaw Kochanovsky, Konstantin Khvatynets, Alexander Solovyev, Alexey Vereshchagin, Philipp Chizhevsky. Among the soloists there are world-famous pianists Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Boris Berezovsky, new stars of the Russian performing arts Ekaterina Mechetina, Nikita Borisoglebsky, Sergey Antonov (the partnership of these three musicians counts 10 years, and they will celebrate the anniversary by playing Beethoven's Triple Concerto), Alexander Buzlov, Alexander Ramm, Dmitry Shishkin, Philipp Kopachevsky, Aylen Pritchin, Lukas Geniušas, as well as the winners of the last season television project "Grand Opera" Ksenya Nesterenko and Tigran Ohanyan. Season tickets can be purchased at the box-offices of the Moscow Philharmonic Society and online. Read more...

Звёзды XXI века. Ян Латам-Кениг, Сергей Антонов, Филипп Копачевский и НФОР в КЗ им. Чайковского

18 ноября 2013, концертный зал имени П. И. Чайковского Национальный филармонический оркестр России Дирижер -- Ян Латам-Кениг (Великобритания) Сергей Антонов (виолончель) Филипп Копачевский (фортепиано) В программе: Мендельсон. «Гебриды, или Фингалова пещера» -- концертная увертюра Шопен. Концерт № 2 для фортепиано с оркестром Уолтон. Концерт для виолончели с оркестром Элгар. Salut d'Amour Торжественный и церемониальный марш № 1 Звёзды XXI века. Ян Латам-Кениг, Сергей Антонов, Филипп Копачевский и НФОР в КЗ им. Чайковского кликните по картинке и наслаждайтесь записью полного концерта с участием Национального филармонического оркестра России. Подписывайтесь на наш канал НФОР на и смотрите видео с выступлений Национального филармонического оркестра России: больше видео с NFOR