Boris Berezovsky performs Great Piano Concertos

January 16, 2017 | The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall Subscription Series No. 33: Great Piano Concertos Soloist – Boris Berezovsky, piano Conductor – Konstantin Khvatynets Rachmaninoff. "The Rock", symphonic fantasy, Op.7 Rachmaninoff. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini for piano and orchestra, Op.43 Gershwin. "An American in Paris", Suite for orchestra Gershwin. Rhapsody in Blue for piano and orchestra Each year the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia gets involved into build-up concert series of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, and among them the very popular "Great Piano Concertos» Subscription Series (№33). The principal attraction the NPR's January program is world-famous pianist Boris Berezovsky who will play the solo parts in the famous Rhapsodies by Rachmaninoff and Gershwin. "Rachmaninoff is one of my most beloved composers - Berezovsky said. - His music outpours such incredible strength and energy that could be found nowhere else. However Rachmaninoff is something more than just a concentrated power: he encompasses a very wide tonal spectrum. His music reminds of a chime of bells which are known for having a rich palette of overtones. And if you add the Orthodox liturgy to that chiming character of his music, you will get the two main pillars of Rachmaninoff's musical language.” Berezovsky is also a fan of good jazz and Gershwin's work: "His music lies at the intersection of classical music and jazz, to jazz musicians Gershwin's tunes are evergreen, evergreen hits. He himself was a remarkable pianist, recently I accidentally have bought all his recordings - 10 discs - and found there a lot of interesting things ... "An American in Paris" and Rhapsody in Blue are certainly real classics.” On the conductor's podium this evening there will be Konstantin Khvatynets, a former participant of the NPR's Trainee Group and now the Principal Conductor and Musical Director of the "Moscow Operetta" Theatre. His collaboration with top opera houses (from the Bolshoi to "Helikon-Opera") and symphony orchestras in various projects displays the versatility of his talent, skills and sense of style. Each year working with the NPR, Konstantin Hvatynets delivers a large variety of programs, conducting both popular classics and rare symphonic tableaux.
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