«Wolferl’s Airy Hopes»

March 19, 2017 | Svetlanov Hall of the MIPAC 13.00 «Two Centuries. Two Geniuses» Subscription Series «Wolferl's Airy Hopes» Musical and Literary Arrangement based on Mozart's letters The project concept and production by Ludmila and Alexander LEONTYEVS Andrey MEZHULIS, Tatiana RODIONOVA, reciting Alexandra SAULSKAYA-SHULIATYEVA, mezzo Zoya ABOLITZ, piano Fedor STROGANOV, harpsichord/organ Vadim Sudakov Moscow State Capella National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia Artistic Director and Principal Conductor – Vladimir Spivakov Conductor – Vladimir SIMKIN BUY TICKET Mozart - a sunny genius of world culture. The concert program dedicated to him will be a fascinating gift for young audience. Perhaps they are not yet ready to appreciate all the beauty of the elaborate musical form, but many of them will grasp the spirit, the wonderful atmosphere of classical music and let themselves be enticed by the beguilement of fantasy. "The Airy Hopes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" is a program based on the original letters of Mozart and his loved ones. The young listeners will get acquainted with the music and the main events in the life of Wolferl (as Mozart's parents called him lovingly) and plunge into the atmosphere of his era. Through the pages of the letters and the scores, the brightest features of his multi-fold nature will appear. A mischievous and impish child , a tender and caring son, an ardent and enthusiastic lover, an affectionate husband and father of his children, and up to his last days - an indefatigable worker, fanatically devoted to the main calling of his life - composing music. The program will be accompanied by the display of unique images - old engravings and portraits, against which background Mozart's masterpieces will be performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, the choir and the soloists.
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