Chamber concert of the 9th Festival «Vladimir Spivakov Invites…»

October 25, 2017 | Svetlanov Hall of the MIPAC
9th Moscow Music Festival “Vladimir Spivakov Invites...”
Vladimir SPIVAKOV, violin
Denis MATSUEV, piano
Programme: Brahms. Sonatas №№ 2 и 3 for violin and piano
Franck. Sonata for violin and piano



"The violin has its own voice – inimitable, unique, poetic, tormented, candid, mysterious, sometimes white, sometimes black, here divine, there infernal, because it is the voice of life. Here everything is mingled - both good and evil," - says Vladimir Spivakov. This is the only concert of his Ninth Festival, in which the Maestro will be not on the conductor's podium, but with the violin in his hands - in order to talk intimately, as if tête-à-tête, with the audience about good and evil, about life and death and, eventually, about love.

In the ensemble with his long-time friend and artistic partner – the illustrious pianist Denis Matsuev - Vladimir Spivakov will play Sonatas of Brahms and Franck on his magnificent instrument made by Antonio Stradivari. They are gems of chamber music, belonging to the most difficult works in the entire violin repertoire. Brahms' Sonatas became the landmark for Spivakov already on the rise of his soloist career. The musician offered his own interpretation of these works, which over time - with the growing experience - has undergone many changes and become even more genuine. Explaining what feelings and thoughts he put into his performance, Vladimir Spivakov admitted: "I imagine how Brahms comes home, sits down at the fireplace, covers his lap with a soft plaid and dreams of Clara Schumann ...".

The duet of Vladimir Spivakov and Denis Matsuev is an example of an extraordinary artistic affinity that Valentina Kholopova, a Professor of the Moscow Conservatory, compared with the alliance of Eusebius and Florestan, Schumann's legendary heroes: the refined violinist "takes the line for exquisite romanticism, with the most delicate sound full of tonal shades" while the temperamental pianist answers "with the magnificently eloquent piano".

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