The Closing of the 11th Edition of Vladimir Spivakov’s Moscow Festival

December 27, 2021 | Svetlanov Hall of the Moscow International Performing Arts Center
The 11th Edition of the Moscow Music Festival “Vladimir Spivakov Invites”
The Festival's closing concert
Soloist – Nikolai Lugansky, piano
Conductor – Vladimir Spivakov
Brahms. Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat major, Op. 83
R. Strauss. Suite of waltzes from the opera "Der Rosenkavalier"
Polkas by the Strauss Family


Closing the 11th edition of his Moscow Music Festival, Vladimir Spivakov has built the final program as a kaleidoscope of various light images from those transcendentally meditative in the music of Brahms to the sensually elegant waltzes in the Suite by Richard Strauss and guilelessly mischievous Polkas of his famous namesakes.

In the first Part the joy of making music together with Vladimir Spivakov and the NPR will be shared by Nikolai Lugansky, one of the top pianists worldwide at present. “Fleet passage-work, drama and pianistic weight are harnessed when appropriate, but the consistently absorbing feature of his performances is the way they dig so deeply into the substance beneath the surface|” - such is the opinion of The Daily Telegraph which is seconded by the Bonner Generalanzeiger: “Lugansky has such technical abilities which will make the majority of his colleagues go pale. [...] However he is not only the brilliant virtuoso; first of all he is the pianist, who is completely immersed into music…

The Lugansky-Spivakov artistic alliance goes back over a decade ago when the pianist performed at the Colmar Music Festival led by the maestro and immediately joined the closest circle of his partners. Spivakov also plays with Lugansky violin-piano recitals. This time the musicians have chosen Brahms's Second Piano Concerto which the pianist characterizes as follows: “It is a whole universe which you enter each time anew. This is a very special Concerto as it gives no definite answers... Brahms uses absolutely mad piano capacities, creating an elated contemplative mood. You can imagine children's openness and delight that a new day has come. You can also imagine an elderly person who, having gone through awful losses, sees again that the world is beautiful. I cannot compare this concert with any other. This is a colossal open music book”.


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