“Vladimir Spivakov Invites” Festival in Omsk and Perm

Vladimir Spivakov and the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia will complete the 2022/2023 season touring Russia in line with its annual tradition. The first half of June will see the maestro and his collective giving day-by day concerts, most of which are part of  the festival “Vladimir Spivakov Invites...” in Omsk (June 1-4) and Perm (June 6-10). Festival programmes – see Events.

The tour will be part of the “All-Russia Philharmonic Seasons” project by the Moscow Philharmonic Society and the RF Ministry of Culture supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth Policy and Mass Communications of the Perm Krai and the Omsk Oblast Government.

Omsk will be hosting the Moscow musicians for the 11th time since 2012, Perm – for the 14th time since 2010. Perm and Omsk were just the first cities chosen by Vladimir Spivakov for his regional festivals as the extension of the Moscow edition under the same name.

Within the frames of his festival, Spivakov invariably presents brilliant masters in full bloom and talented young musicians rapidly ascending the musical Olympus. The soloists in the coming tour there will be Ekaterina Mechetina, Alexander Ghindin, Philipp Kopachevsky, Lilit Davtyan, Anna Aglatova, Polina Shamaeva, Alexey Neklyudov and others. Two of the musical night in Omsk and Perm will be headed by Arsenty Tkachenko, the NPR's second conductor and assistant artistic director.

One thought on ““Vladimir Spivakov Invites” Festival in Omsk and Perm

  1. Hello!!

    I just listened to your orchestra’s performance of Shostokovich’s Symphony #5 moments ago and was spellbound and practically in tears following the final measure; I had “goosebumps” (know what they are there in Russia?) through many of the passages but especially following the final six measures. The precision, tempo, and dynamics of this selection were the most awesome I’ve ever experienced in over 20 years of listening to recorded performances!

    Bless you and your musicians for making this day so special for me! I wish you and your exceptionally talented, gifted, devoted musicians nothing but the best during the days and weeks ahead. I will be looking forward to listening for more of your performances on our classical music

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