Vladimir Spivakov and the NPR are recording Shostakovich

The concert season is over, but Vladimir Spivakov and the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia are now working in the recording studio. The maestro returns to the heritage of his most loved composers, one of whom is Dmitry Shostakovich. “Dmitri Dmitrievich was a historiographer, - says the maestro. - He managed to create immortal monuments of the era, therefore life will change, governments will change, many things will change, but Dmitri Dmitrievich will remain forever. His works reflected his epoch as in a mirror, but the depth of his music makes it appropriate for any time. Its radiant sparkles penetrate the soul of a modern person and inevitably affect us.

The NPR and Vladimir Spivakov have made it a tradition to celebrate the great composer's birthday with a concert compiled of his works. For instance, in September 2022, the maestro assembled in such a program three seminal opuses by Shostakovich – the vocal cycle From Jewish Folk Poetry, the Ninth Symphony and the Suite for Variety Orchestra arranged seemingly by Levon Atovmyan in the late 1950s from Shostakovich's pieces of various years.

Vladimir Spivakov has decided to make recordings of his interpretations of these compositions with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, and the studio work is now going on together with the well-known sound engineer Pavel Lavrenenkov at the Moscow Performing Arts Center up to June 24. The From Jewish Folk Poetry Cycle is performed with the participation of The Bolshoi's star Anna Aglatova (soprano) and the Kolobov “Novaya Opera” Theater of Moscow singers Polina Shamayeva (mezzo-soprano) and Mikhail Gubsky (tenor). Music lovers will be able to hear the recordings on streaming services in the next season.


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